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Bords de Loire.. © INRA, BEGUEY Alain

The INRA Val de Loire Centre

Updated on 09/23/2019
Published on 06/25/2013

The INRA Val de Loire Centre, ranking sixth for the institute with its staff of 960, benefits from extensive experimental facilities. It conducts research in integrative biology and sustainable development around four clusters.

These four research clusters are divided between three sites, Orleans for the first two, Tours and Bourges for the others, corresponding to the distribution of the scientific resources in the Centre Region regarding the environment (in Orleans), and imaging of living organisms (in Tours) and with close links with the universities. Collaboration with other research organisations in the Centre region has enabled INRA Val de Loire to take part in two “laboratory of excellence” (LabEX) projects, Mabimprove (on improving antibody therapeutics) and Voltaire (on exchanges between environmental compartments). It has also allowed two collaborative research clusters to be set up, one dedicated to research on infectious diseases, and the other, ResoNat, focusing on the management of natural resources. Other collaboration is also developing around the different dimensions of inheritance, natural, cultural and that of biomedicines. Regarding the experimental domain of Bourges, its central location in an area with many goat farms (“Crottin de Chavignol” goat’s cheese area of protected designation of origin) and its close proximity to the Charolais cattle farming area have facilitated its regional integration.

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