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The first promotion of 24 international students for the IDOH Master’s course

On 1st September, the University of Tours will be welcoming its first Erasmus Mundus Infectious Diseases and One Health (IDOH) students for a Master’s course coordinated by the INRA-University of Tours Joint Research Unit for Infectiology and Public Health (ISP) (which initiated the project) in partnership with the universities of Barcelona and Edinburgh. This unique training course on infectious diseases will enable the students to acquire skills in both human and animal health.

Laboratory personnel working under a laminar flow hood. © INRA, CARRERAS Florence
By Communication Service, INRA Loire Valley Research Centre
Updated on 09/05/2017
Published on 08/30/2017

High-quality international training

This course is based on a network of 35 organisations that include research institutions, higher education establishments and companies working in the human or animal health and pharmaceuticals sectors.
Originating from Bangladesh, Nepal, Nigeria or Colombia, the 24 students will receive training from each of the three partner institutions and then complete an attachment in a research centre or company; this programme will enable them to acquire excellent skills regarding the infectious diseases that affect both humans and animals.

A melting pot of knowledge

Until now, professionals working on infectious diseases were specialised in either human or veterinary medicine, and there was little interaction between these two areas, even though 60% of human infectious diseases are due to contact with affected animals.  In view of this, the University of Tours and its partners decided to offer a cross-disciplinary training course based on the interconnections between biology, the environment and human and animal health.

A Master’s course selected by the European Commission

The Infectious Diseases and One Health Master’s degree ranked first in the 2016 selection of Erasmus+ Master’s courses sponsored by the European Commission. Open to students from throughout the world, Erasmus+ Master’s degrees aim to foster the attractiveness of the European Higher Education Area. IDOH thus benefits from maximum funding of €2,760,000 over five years, mainly in the form of study grants. Twenty-one of the students in this first promotion have thus been offered a grant so that they can pursue their studies.

Find out more about the IDOH Master's course

  • Presentation brochure:

Presentation brochure