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Processionary Moths and Climate Change: An Update

Prefaced by François Houllier, and with 101 authors from 22 countries, this book covers present knowledge on all aspects of processionary moths, from genetics to management. It is one of the major results of PCLIM (International Research Network on the adaptive response of processionary moths and their associated organisms to global change), financed by the Adapation of Agriculture and Forests to Climate Change metaprogramme.

Processionary Moths and Climate Change. An Update. © Springer
Updated on 11/25/2014
Published on 11/19/2014

Editorial coordination:

  • Dr. Alain ROQUES, INRA Loire Valley - Forest Zoology Research Unit

Jointly published with Editions Quae.
2015, 177 illustrations, 125 colour illustrations.
Available in ebook and hard cover formats.